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About Us


About Us

About Us


udifi Incorporated, a Project Company, is a Delaware C-Corp with headquarters in North Carolina, USA.

udifi is involved in the development of innovative information technology solutions and is the intellectual property (IP) and patent holding company for Jack Neil and associates. udifi holds IP related to blockchain health record distributed applications (mymed.udifi.com), medical-device compliance reporting blockchain smart-contracts, acoustic detection and classification neural networks (Aud.ai), nursery smart-monitors with on-board cry detection and correction (Babifi), autonomous cryptocurrency trading bots (Cryptifi), remote video-surveillance and trapping systems (HogNet), and web applications (Carousel USA; ClassicCamo) to name a few. udifi is a contributor to numerous blockchain libraries on github and has filed patents in the fields of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Aud.ai is being utilized by MUSC to develop a system to identify benign versus malignant pediatric heart murmurs.


udifi is also investigating AI-powered IOT solutions via use-case defined self learning smart-hubs:

  • Special focus on detection/correction of acoustic events driven by CNN (patents pending)
  • Building a coalition between insurers, hospital systems, nursing homes, hospice-care systems, and academia to develop a patient-centered IOT hub with conversational-voice and telemedicine functionality


Core Divisions:

  • Aclifi (Industrial Asset Care Logistics)
  • Agrifi (Agriculture/Livestock)
  • anesthesia.ai (Anesthesiology AI Projects)
  • Aud.ai (Acoustic Event Detection and Classification Systems)
  • Babifi (Childcare)
  • Cryptifi (Cryptocurrency trading bots)
  • hunting.ai (Outdoors)
  • iMedifi (Healthcare)
  • mci.ai (Pysical Threat Detection and Response Dispatch Systems)





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